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Professional wrestling contains multitudes. Despite the fact that most cosmopolitan adults will only admit to watching it for the nostalgia trip, the on-screen product itself has never been more “real”—sometimes painfully so. Over the past year, World Wrestling Entertainment’s greatest drama has stemmed from the rise of CM Punk, a brash, straight-edge, self-aware, and technically gifted Chicagoan. His constant needling of authority has produced in-ring contractual negotiations, board meetings, and other such “real” dialogue. (Admittedly, the anti-authority card has been played before—about a decade ago, Stone Cold Steve Austin went on tape clocking WWE’s bedridden chairman Vince McMahon with his own bedpan.) But no matter how “real” the story arcs may curve, there’s no better way to experience professional wrestling than catching a live show. There, without the running commentary from bloviating announcers or commercial breaks hawking adolescent wares, you can witness for yourself the most “real” thing about wrestling: that these people throw their bodies around like ragdolls and manage (usually) to walk out of the ring alive, only to do it again the next night in some other town. The show, featuring John Cena and CM Punk vs. Kane and Jericho, begins at 8:15 p.m. at the Verizon Center, 601 F St. NW. $20–$75. verizoncenter.com. (800) 745-3000.