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Food politics, in recent years, has mainly been a preoccupation of the left. We liberals thrill to Morgan Spurlock’s cinematic pantsing of McDonald’s and Eric Schlosser’s searing indictment of big agriculture’s labor practices. It’s Democratic political spouses who make politically tinged culinary waves with things like Michelle Obama’s White House vegetable patch or Theresa Heinz Kerry’s suggestion that Missouri farmers go organic. If there are right-leaning counterparts to Northern California chef Alice Waters, I haven’t heard of them. (Ted Nugent doesn’t count.) But now it seems the battle is joined: A forum hosted by the conservative/libertarian America’s Future Foundation focuses on the threat to your kitchen that comes from every right winger’s favorite foe: government. As it happens, you don’t have to be an Ayn Rand devotee to know that the food bureaucracy, which brought us the food pyramid and the morphing definition of school-lunch vegetables, is a target-rich environment. And even if you disagree with the presumed answer to one of the event’s questions (“Should we really be thanking our gustatory government guardians for bravely defending us against the dreaded Pink Slime?”), there’s no avoiding a central truth on the agenda: that Uncle Sam, for better or worse, shapes what you eat. “Get Government Out of the Fridge” begins at 6:30 p.m. at The Fund for American Studies, 1706 New Hampshire Ave. NW. $5 for nonmembers. americasfuture.org. (202) 331-2261.