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Standout Track: No. 6, “Which Wire Do I Choose?”, a tight pop song based on downcast chords and a distorted ambience. Its structure is classic post-punk, but the track wouldn’t feel out of place on an Archers of Loaf record. Guitarist Christopher Goett sings of a struggle to resolve interpersonal conflicts. “Look what I found/Another love bomb to diffuse,” he croons. “Time breathing down my neck/Which wire do I choose?”

Musical Motivation: Friends and family struggling with relationships inspired the song. “It’s really just the perspective of someone wanting to make it work and trying to figure it out but not succeeding all the time,” Goett says. “The music is a patchwork of ideas that I was working on and I brought it to the band kind of saying, ‘I’m not sure, this is where I’m going with it, I’m mapping it out.’” Greg Svitil and Christin Durham helped him pull it together. “This is a song where the band really rounded out the idea and just took it to a place that I couldn’t have gotten it to on its own, which is our M.O.: being democratic and collaborative,” he says.

Positive Feedback: Goett says that teamwork leads to better songs—but not always on purpose. On this one, a barely percetible layer of high-pitched guitar feedback contributes a menacing note to a later verse. But Goett didn’t know the noise was being recorded. When they gave it a listen, the band decided to roll with it. “My mind was shut off and I was just playing along in kind of a weird feedback,” Goett says. “It was a raw emotional moment that we captured in our studio—I think it works.”

Listen to “Which Wire Do I Choose?” at washingtoncitypaper.com/go/silohalo.