Escort in Love is the cheeriest, most whitewashed hooker movie since Pretty Woman. Alice (Paola Cortellesi) is the pampered wife of a wealthy businessman, a woman used to getting her way and insulting the help when that doesn’t happen. But her husband dies suddenly, leaving her with debts no honest woman could pay. So after a parade of interviews for entry-level jobs her pride and wallet won’t allow her to take, Alice rings up an acquaintance named Eva (Anna Foglietta), whom she recently discovered is an escort. Fish-out-of-water wackiness ensues: Cortellesi is the anti-Audrey Tautou, a gorgeous woman without an ounce of sex appeal (or, more likely, boatloads of comedic talent). Alice’s attempts to seduce are predictably terrible but funny, aided by the character’s seemingly overnight metamorphosis into a nice person. (It’s knee-jerk but forgivable.) Meanwhile, Cortellesi’s good with a one-liner (“It’s the shack of my dreams,” Alice says when she sees her decrepit new apartment) and simply a pleasure to spend time with—easy on the eyes and world-weary yet gung-ho in a most amusing way. There’s a love interest, but the character and the couple’s inevitable conflict are yawn-inducing; the sex, both on and off the clock, is as innocent as it can get. It’s a quibble, though, in light of the film’s overall feel-goodness. You may even be entertained by the end credits’ group dance—nah, let’s not go that far.