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If yoga has become ubiquitous, then so too has the yoga documentary. The latest attempt to understand the widespread adoption of this Eastern tradition is Planet Yoga, which surveys an assortment of Western practitioners drawn to yoga for a host of reasons. Among them are a self-proclaimed “Western Master of Eastern Wisdom,” a yoga teacher to Inuit youth, and a Canadian businessman-turned-monk living in India. Yet these individual stories never provide, well, enlightenment. Instead of cohering into a narrative or an argument, these vignettes are crudely strung together by the spacey, unseen narration of director Carlos Ferrand, who could easily pass for Werner Herzog’s long lost twin. But Planet Yoga isn’t a total bummer: If you’re in the write headspace, its litany of psychedelic animated flowers fluttering between chapters and Om chants should at least entice to get on your mat and do a sun salutation.