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Your husband comes home from a short stay in a mental institution. He’s on medication, his doctors have proclaimed him cured, and he’s acting nice and agreeable. So what do you do? According to The Cat Vanishes, you freak the fuck out. Luis (Luis Luque), a professor, had a nervous breakdown when he believed that his wife, Beatriz (Beatriz Spelzini), was slipping a colleague his research. But when he gets out of the hospital, she’s the one who’s paranoid—for no good reason other than the script says so. OK, so the cat hisses at Luiz upon his return and then disappears. But he takes it in stride, and is nothing but pleasant to Beatriz. Still, she jumps at his touch, can’t sleep, and has nightmares when she does. It’s all quite baseless and therefore ludicrous, but the film proceeds as a thriller. What’s in that garbage bag that Luis takes out late at night? Has he only used that knife to prepare sushi? Whatever. Beatriz is the real nut here, and if you were the cat, you’d vanish, too.