If Baikonur stumbles in the art house, it might have a chance on the midnight-movie geek circuit. As a sort of ethnographic fairytale, it’s cartoonish bordering on condescending: The inhabitants of a Kazakh village, across the steppe from a Russian spaceport, take very seriously a proverb that says they can keep anything that falls from the sky, leading to all manner of laughing-at-them hijinks not limited to races across the desert to scavenge space debris and gags involving animal shit. In the case of one precocious young man (Alexander Asochakov) whose nickname is Gagarin, the village’s tradition leads to some serious wish-fulfillment: When a beautiful French space tourist (Marie de Villepin) crashes near his yurt and he pulls her comatose body from the wreck, he, yup, decides that means he can keep her. Sweet? Not as much as director Veit Helmer thinks it is. Creepy? Yup.