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An impending wedding, three foul-mouthed dudes, a road trip—right from the start, Cousinhood promises to be the Spanish Hangover. Ultimately, though, it’s the American blockbuster’s gentler, well, cousin. The film opens on a downer, as Diego (Quim Gutiérrez) tearily reads a note to his wedding guests that explains why the ceremony won’t be happening. (She dumped him; he showed up anyway.) Diego’s two cousins, the abrasive Julian (Raúl Arévalo) and the sensitive, anxiety-prone Jose Miguel (Adrián Lastra), try to cheer him up and suggest they take a trip to visit Diego’s first love, Martina (Inma Cuesta). They find her—and her son, whose father is a mystery—all too easily, and the story then proceeds as the lightest of comedies, with each guy bonding with someone (Diego with Martina, Jose Miguel with her son, and Julian with the local drunk) under the lovely Spanish sun. Cousinhood may be a trifle, but it’s a lot more pleasant than watching a group of man-children who can’t hold their liquor.