Nobody with ears would question the relationship between jazz and tap dance. Both are the product of intricate rhythms and fierce improvisation. But there may be no better demonstration of that connection than the pairing of pianist McCoy Tyner and tap virtuoso Savion Glover, who have worked together for nearly six years. Tyner, the pianist in the classic John Coltrane Quartet of the 1960s, is known for his harmonic innovations and vamping lyricism—all that’s missing is the groove, which arrives in the form of Glover’s sensitive ear and uncanny ability to layer syncopation upon syncopation using only his feet. That’s not all that Glover adds: His dance moves bring with them a profound sense of melodic phrasing. In that sense he and Tyner are counterpoints, each accompanying and being accompanied by the other in a dizzying combination.

The McCoy Tyner Trio and Savion Glover perform at 8 p.m. at The Howard Theatre, 620 T St. NW. $45 in advance. (202) 803-2899.