Sasha Baron Cohen’s schtick almost amounts to an act of anti-marketing. With every costumed appearance the British actor made to promote The Dictator, including interviews with media outlets that embarrassingly agreed to interview him in character, I grew less excited about his comic turn as deposed tyrant Admiral General Aladeen. So it was a pleasant surprise when the movie turned out not to be another example of Cohen’s trick-the-Yankee-rubes, Candid Camera gimmick. Instead, The Dictator is a fairly standard fish-out-of-water satire, albeit with jokes about zany foreigners, numbskull Americans, uptight feminists—and, of course, rape (though always against the rapists, so, you know, it’s cool). A lot of the gags are in fact funny. The satire is less effective: Cohen’s epauletted, 1970s-style oil despot lands just as an actual Middle Eastern revolt is being crushed by a hereditary strongman with a British education and a wife who’s been featured in Vogue. If he’d figured out a way to lampoon suit-clad brutes who hire American PR firms to spin their atrocities, the gaudy promotion might be worth it. Instead, in offering up an over-the-top Gadhafi manqué, he seems as out of step as those obese ignoramuses who had the misfortune of encountering Borat and Bruno.

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