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Silver Spring native Sarah A.O. Rosner is coming to visit her parents over Memorial Day weekend, and she’s invited over a few friends and total strangers. One imagines the phone call from New York went something like this: “Mom, Dad? Can I bring four friends home for the weekend to do an interactive interpretive dance about gender identity at the house? And can you run to the liquor store and pick up a keg and a case of wine? We might have a few people over. OK? Great! Thanks! TTYL!” But according to Rosner’s dance company’s press materials, things are actually a bit more structured. “Declare yourself a curator,” is the tagline in the promotional video for the collective. Saturday’s performance is called “barrish, curation #9,” and is “curated” by Rosner’s parents, Laurie Duker and Jeremy Rosner, who are described as “longtime AOMC supporters.” The whole thing would sound terribly self-indulgent, if some of the previous “barrishes” hadn’t taken place at legit places like La Mama Experimental Theatre, Dance New Amsterdam, and Bard College.

A.O. Movement Collective performs at 7 p.m. at 1112 Noyes Drive, Silver Spring. $12 admission includes wine or beer. RSVP at theAOMC@gmail.com.