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Ted Alexandro has at least two Facebook pages. One of them is typical for a working comedian: It’s got show announcements, YouTube clips, and choice one-liners for the fans. But Alexandro’s other Facebook page is like a news ticker for the Occupy movement. Even in the waning days of the protests in New York, the comedian is still riled up about the 1 percent, and he’s got the news feed to prove it. But isn’t this passionate activist the same guy who once suggested giving hurricanes Islamic names? (“It’ll make it seem more ominous. You might take your chances with Hurricane Katrina, but if Hurricane Abdul’s coming, you pack up and get the fuck out.”) Suggested sending almost-aborted kids into war? (“Nobody gives a shit about them. We’ll send ’em over, 20 years later the mother gets a telegram, ‘Remember that abortion you wanted? Done.’”) Riffed on getting a blow job from a woman wearing a “What Would Jesus Do” bracelet? (“Jesus would work the balls!”) Oddly, yes. Ted Alexandro contains multitudes. Some of his material might go over well with the folks in Zuccotti Park; some, definitely not. But has he apologized once? Doubtful. “I realize that joke’s not for everyone,” he might say. “Just think of it like the specials. You don’t have to order the specials, but you do have to hear them.”

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