For the past 25 years, August has brought Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, a frank, explorative, and compelling series of hour-long investigations of the world’s most iconic fish. Before Samuel L. Jackson was mauled in Deep Blue Sea, Discovery enthralled the kids with images of Great Whites shooting over the ocean’s surface off the coast of South Africa like trained orcas. Shark Week clued us into the prehistoric Megalodon’s 60 feet of terror. Elsewhere, the series wondered, if we didn’t spot a Megamouth shark until 1976, what else lurks in open waters? Now that Chompie, a giant shark both inflatable and promotional, once again adorns the media company’s headquarters in Silver Spring, it’s easy to deduce that Shark Week is upon us once again. Rejoice. Tonight, Fountain Plaza hosts a free outdoor screening of Sharkzilla, premiering Aug. 13, in which the Mythbusters team builds a replica of the Megalodon, 6-foot-wide jaws and all. Then Sunday brings the year’s greatest DVR binge, beginning with Air Jaws Apocalypse.

The showing begins at 8:30 p.m. at Fountain Plaza on Ellsworth Drive, Silver Spring. Free.