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There’s no denying it: Supercapitalist is a terrible movie. Another corporate thriller about a big financial scheme gone wrong, the film suffers from transparent plot twists, an utterly hackneyed storyline, and characters both unbelievable and archetypal. But it raises questions about the hedge funder as this generation’s go-to villain. Do we hate them because they helped bring on the financial crisis? Or because they’re rich, arrogant, and they wear suits—the preferred costume of assholes? Hedge funders represent the kind of rogue nouveau riche this country simultaneously detests and admires, so directors like to show them spending money (which we love), but only doing it in dickish ways (which we ostensibly hate)—like buying cocaine, which they snort off the backs of hookers (this actually happens in Supercapitalist). Director Simon Yin, a former MTV VJ, also likes to make hedge funders talk like total scum: They call women bitches and sluts; they call each other “bro.” They seem just seconds away from either slapping a dolled-up dame or jerking each other off. And somehow, they never work. They have offices, but those are just places they keep their booze and rubber-banded wads of cash. It’s not enough that hedge funders are part of the reason Americans are still walking away from their devalued homes; we have to hate them the same way we loathe the captain of the football team. Hedge funders: They’re evil. And they never invite us to their parties. The film opens today at E Street Cinema.