If the D.C. art scene had an assistant principal, it would be Eames Armstrong. Under the banner Aether Art Projects, Armstrong has assembled a series of curators to bring (or co-bring) summer shows to an underused Bloomingdale art space at 87 Florida Ave. NW. “ScanTron,” the second show in the series, puts a D.C. artist collective called YouGotGot (shown) to the test. D.C. artists such as Stephen Crouch, Joseph Hale, and Mark Keeler will contribute artworks made using the electronic standardized testing forms made popular, or maybe unpopular, by the Scantron company. This is a pass/fail show: The right set of artists could meet and exceed the expectations set upon them by the limitation of the Scantron form, but a bad drawings show could result just as easily. Fortunately, Armstrong has proven herself to be an energetic organizer with a talent for bringing together simple but engaging thematic group shows. The DIY scene will never adhere to formal gallery standards, but Armstrong appears to be aiming for something higher. The opening reception for “ScanTron” begins at 6 p.m. at 87 Florida Ave. NW. Free. The exhibit is on view by appointment to Aug. 26. aetherartprojects.com.