My Heart Is an Idiot is the title of Davy Rothbart’s collection of personal essays, but he means to say that all hearts are idiots: Each of us is prone to upending our lives for the sake of love, or just a good story to tell later. The difference with Rothbart, the creator of Found magazine, is how much he indulges his idiocy. After learning his soft-voiced phone-sex partner is a man, Rothbart pursues a meeting; when he discovers his father got suckered by a vanity-publishing scam, he chases down the perpetrator. Women, though, are the main inspiration for these quixotic pieces. “Some folks fall in love gradually; for me it always happens in an instant,” he writes in one essay, and the book is thick with examples of the unlikely places it gets him, from a Greyhound bus to a truck stop to a pool with a dead body. $12.