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Last year, it was no sweat to catch some of the city’s most talented choreographers showing their work somewhere in the city—and pretty easy to take them for granted, too. That can go both ways: Chat with local dancemakers and they’re as likely to complain about Washington’s dance scene as to praise it. But absence makes the heart grow fonder. Local choreographers Nathan Andary and Tzveta Kassabova signed up for this joint show last year, not realizing that by the time it arrived, they’d both be holding visiting professorships at far-away colleges: Andary at Ohio University and Kassabova at Florida University. Both are happy to have found full-time gigs in a tough economy, but suddenly Washington isn’t looking so bad. “I miss D.C.—I love it there,” says Andary nostalgically. “You’ve got dance happening every weekend, with fairly full audiences.” Kassabova agrees. “I’m so happy I am coming back to D.C. There is a lot I left: great collaborators, really supportive audiences, and theaters that have been a real home for me for the last few years.” Those audiences will likely welcome Andary and Kassabova back with open arms: Each is a mature choreographer with a talent that stands out in Washington. Andary will re-mount Going Viral, his meditation on digital identity that served as his MFA thesis at the University of Maryland; Kassabova will show work featuring her new students.