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Aping an older style of music is easy. But making it sound like something other than a reproduction takes considerable skill. That’s why Zombi’s interpretation of 1970s keyboard-driven prog-rock has always felt authentic. Drummer Anthony Paterra and synthesist Steve Moore evoke the skillful musicianship of, say, Tangerine Dream, and don’t settle for computer-assisted mood music. Much of Moore’s solo work evokes the same other-era essence as Zombi, and is so full of sound that it’s hard to believe only one guy is creating it. His new album, Light Echoes, is on Silver Spring-based Cuneiform Records, which has had its finger on the pulse of prog and avant-jazz since 1984. The six songs revel in the warm, thick pulsations created on classic synths like Arps and Korgs and provide the perfect soundtrack for meditations in the Black Forest, long drives on the Autobahn, or an afternoon lost in thought.

Steve Moore performs a Sonic Circuits-sponsored show at 7:30 p.m. at Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center, 8230 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring. $10. dc-soniccircuits.org.