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2012 wasn’t Marcus Brauchli’s year, but then again, neither was 2008. That was when Brauchli took the executive editor job at the already cash-strapped Washington Post, only to find himself booted out four years later this November without a whole lot to show for his tenure. Brauchli’s last mistake was blocking Post publisher Katharine Weymouth’s layoff plans one too many times, but a number of things helped nudge him out the door: the Post’s 2012 Pulitzer shutout, the paper’s failure to articulate a coherent strategy, and the newsroom’s talent exodus. Weymouth made the unlikely claim that Brauchli’s resignation was his idea, contra longstanding Post gossip. But he’s probably not too upset about the salary that comes with his consolation prize position as a vice-president at the company. For the newsroom Brauchli leaves behind, however, the future isn’t as bright. Rumors of a pay wall and more layoffs were already spreading before new boss Marty Baron even announced plans to leave his gig editing the Boston Globe.