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Turns out D.C. is a one-party town, after all. Ward 7’s Ron Moten, an ex-con turned anti-youth-violence advocate who was a favorite of Adrian Fenty’s administration, failed to win a Council seat for the GOP. Declaring himself a “Civil Rights Republican” in a bid to unseat Councilmember Yvette Alexander, Moten could only muster 12 percent of the general election vote, even though Alexander only won a plurality in the spring Democratic primary. That may have had more to do with Fenty’s relative unpopularity in Ward 7 two years after his defeat. Or with Moten’s unconventional campaign; he announced his bid in a graveyard. But the irredentist Fentyite wasn’t the only Republican to do poorly: At-Large Council candidate Mary Brooks Beatty only got 7 percent citywide. Then again, Democrats still outnumber Republicans among registered voters by more than 10 to 1. So maybe Moten’s 12 percent isn’t so bad.