When 2012 dawned, it was hard to believe the Washington Wizards could get any worse. Watching them became an exercise in schadenfreude as the team set a franchise record for most consecutive losses to begin a season, fired coach Flip Saunders almost immediately, and saw Andray Blatche grow more out of shape every day. They were epically bad. This year, though, it’s not even amusing to watch their collapse; it’s just sad. After a spring and summer when it looked like the team might have improved by dumping Blatche and JaVale McGee and picking up college star Bradley Beal and statuesque rebounder Nene, they lost their first 12 games, a new franchise record. John Wall, the team’s one great hope, remains on the bench, rolling his eyes as he nurses a mysterious knee injury. Yeah, yeah, they beat the defending champions, the Miami Heat. But regardless of their new players, new uniforms, and new coaches, these Wizards keep playing the same old game.