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Iago, that most nefarious of Shakespeare’s villains, foiled what may have been the area’s most significant modern dance premiere in 2012. He did it not by egging on a jealous Othello, but by tearing a calf muscle just hours before a May performance at American Dance Institute. The Rockville school and up-and-coming dance presenter debuted a new Othello-inspired work from the New York-based choreographer Doug Elkins. But there was no money for understudies, and when dancer Alexander Dones fell, ADI and Elkins decided Mo(or)town/Redux must go on, with or without Iago. What local audiences saw was a devastating suite of social dance-influenced movement set to soul hits. Elkins rescued “Heard it Through the Grapevine,” from the depths of California Raisins cheesiness, and the climatic pas de deux found Othello strangling Desdemona while Otis Redding crooned, “Try a Little Tenderness.” I will never hear that song again without thinking of this performance, and neither, it appears will Alastair Macaulay, the curmudgeonly New York Times critic who reviewed the full work when it premiered at Baryshnikov Arts Center Dec. 5, with a fully recovered Dones. “To say that I want to see this program again is an understatement,” Macaulay primly gushed. We would like to see it again too, ADI. So here’s hoping for a 2013 redux of Mo(or)town/Redux.