The Titan of Trinidad blog debuted in June, with a gee-whiz tone and a name that mocked the city’s leading nattering nabob of neighborhood naivete, the Prince of Petworth. Admiring sweet door handles instead of sweet transoms, pointing out the best spot for an afternoon half-pint instead of a morning mojito, ToT (and its @ToTville Twitter handle) was a dead-on parody of PoP and @PoPville. But after a few weeks of satire posts about missing plants and “bargain or hoodwink?” comparisons, something strange happened: The Titan went straight. By late summer, the blog’s anonymous author was mixing in real news with the parodies, and by the end of the year, the site was doing serious coverage of the fight over whether to allow charter bus parking at the old Crummell School in Ivy City, citing court records and the D.C. Code. Maybe journalism isn’t really dead, after all.