The theater troupe that lives, works, and farms together flies together. Members of Massachusetts-based Double Edged Theater usually premiere their new pieces on the small farm where they live, but they’ll debut their latest movement-based work, commissioned by Arena Stage, in the Arlene and Robert Kogod Cradle theater. Just don’t call them a circus. “Our roots are in theater,” founder and Artistic Director Stacey Klein says. “We’re more a theater that flies.” This new work tells the story of the 20th century and draws visual inspiration from the work of Russian modernist painter Marc Chagall. “He put together a bride flying over a village or a rooster on the head of a man playing a cello,” says Klein. “We wanted to use his way of seeing but in moving forms.” In The Grand Parade, Double Edged troupe members will follow the evolution of invention, from planes to cars to spaceships, and will also track the impact of war, something that happened frequently and changed rapidly in the 20th century. And yes, they’ll express all of this while launching themselves into the air.

The play runs to Feb. 10 at the Kogod Cradle at Arena Stage, 1101 6th St. SW. $40. (202) 554-9066.