Daniel Burkholder at Flashpoint, March 14-24

Daniel Burkholder is clearly in it for the long haul. Though Washington has seen its share of dancers come and go, the Hyattsville mover and choreographer has spent the past two decades creating and performing new works throughout the region. A smooth, silky dancer who leads The Playground, a team of some of the area’s most talented performers, Burkholder’s taken some risks—like his water project, in which he spent three years building and refining a piece about the vital liquid, incorporating a huge amount of improvisation along the way. His current project, The Chemistry of Lime Trees, is a little more traditional. Using narrative elements, including theater, text, and song, the piece tells two unrelated stories: The first is about a young Russian woman abandoned at Ellis Island, and the second features a real-life Romeo and Juliet during the Bosnian War. Both are ultimately about boundaries and the meaning of home—a fitting topic for someone who’s shown such a commitment to one place. $17–$22.