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Mumbo sauce is as D.C. as single-tracking on the Metro and Teddy losing at Nats Park. The District’s favorite condiment is such a symbol of this city that Kevin Durant, the Oklahoma Thunder forward and Seat Pleasant native, modeled his “DMV” KD V sneakers for Nike after it. But if mumbo sauce-colored sneakers isn’t your idea of a tribute, consider the more abstract “Mumbo Sauce” show at Contemporary Wing. An exhibit co-curated by gallery director Lauren Gentile and Roger Gastman—the graffiti writer and While You Were Sleeping editor whose curated show on go-go and harDCore shows concurrently at the Corcoran Gallery of Art—“Mumbo Sauce” brings together D.C.’s finest fine artists. There’s a heavy emphasis on street art, from the legendary Cool “Disco” Dan to the upstart Borf and the gallery mainstay Tim Conlon. But the show promises more than another street-art revue, with contributions from Rosina Teri Memolo, Clark Fox, and Robin Rose—artists who held the D.C. scene together back when it had a whole lot more mumbo sauce and a whole lot less pork belly.