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Do you really need to see James Galway play “Danny Boy” on his golden flute once again? No, probably not. But you also don’t need to pay to see Bad Brains play Pay to Cum in 2013, so who are you to complain when they don’t live up to your memories of Madam’s Organ in 1981? At 73, Galway may be a bit past his prime, but he’s still the top world-renowned flutist (or is it flautist? It is Sir James Galway, after all) playing today, which is another way of saying the only world-renowned flutist. There aren’t many woodwind players who make successful solo careers in a field crowded by strings and pianos. So if he had to do some cheesy ’80s Irish pop and a Lord of the Rings soundtrack along the way, cut the man some slack. You don’t get to hang out with Rainn Wilson at the Hollywood Bowl by sticking to Fauré and Debussy. He’ll likely be back. But if you’re holding out for another mainstage, Washington Performing Arts Society-sponsored flute soloist, well, you’ll be waiting a while. 4 p.m. $29–$85.