Update: This show has been canceled. See U Street Music Hall’s website for more information.

Michael Mayer has been embedded in Cologne’s electronic-music scene for the better part of 20 years, helping shape one of Germany’s most distinctive and influential record labels, Kompakt. Yet he hasn’t given as much thought to his own personal “brand,” as a more vain producer might do; he’s only got two solo albums to his credit, and if you asked him, he’d probably say he’s only released one. That’s because he considers last year’s Mantasy the first proper Michael Mayer album. Unlike 2004’s Touch, which was more or less a compilation of Mayer’s singles, Mantasy (whose name he insists is not inspired by gay porn) was conceived intentionally, with a particular aura in mind. But some have said it sounds more like a Kompakt retrospective—a tour of the label’s meandering path since the mid-1990s. It touches on slinky ambiance, pop, and quirky house—with a brief foray into brass—and finally throws a scrap of meat to the dance floor, but not until the very end. Like always, Michael Mayer makes it worth the wait.

Michael Mayer DJs with Huxley and Brian Billion at 10 p.m. at U Street Music Hall, 1115 U St. NW. $10. Free before 11 p.m. for 21-plus. (202) 588-1880. ustreetmusichall.com.