If there’s at least one lesson to be learned from last year’s This Is 40—Judd Apatow’s meandering, naval-gazing treatise on middle age—it’s that most early fortysomethings have their shit together about as much as mid-twentysomethings do. 4Some, which comes from celebrated Czech filmmaker Jan Hrebejk (Divided We Fall, Kawasaki’s Rose), follows two neighboring middle-aged couples who are best friends. Though they share almost everything—company, meals, work, and children (who are dating each other)—there’s still one thing they haven’t: sex. In a daring attempt to spice up their stale bedroom lives, patriarchs Vitek and Ondra concoct a harebrained scheme to lure their spouses on a tropical getaway in order to initiate a wife-swapping foursome. The agreed-upon rules forbid secrecy and falling in love, but clearly that’s easier said than done. Ultimately, the film amounts to a warm-hearted but trite romp that feels less like a raunchy sex comedy than lukewarm catnip for bored housewives. At least Apatow knew how to write a dick joke.