Remember electroclash? Listening to Ellen Allien’s latest LP, you’d think the veteran Berlin producer had forgotten all about that glammy strain of early-aughts dance music. But for a little while there, Allien specialized in the stuff—and sometimes I perversely wish she’d revisit it. Allien’s most recent album, LISm, is actually just one big piece of sound. The 45-minute composition was conceived as the experimental and nearly beatless soundtrack to a dance work, and very little of it will (or should) make its way to any club sound system. No fun! Allien is more exciting when she’s messing with exquisitely rendered, buoyant techno, both for her Bpitch Control label and her own solo work—particularly her 2010 album Dust, which seemed to mark her return to fabulosity after her steely, minimal (aka boring) 2008 LP, Sool. Tonight at U Street Music Hall, let’s hope she sticks to the jams—and maybe a little Fischerspooner. No? OK. Forget I said that.

Ellen Allien DJs with Charles Martin and Sarah Myers at 10 p.m. at U Street Music Hall, 1115 U St. NW. $10. Free before midnight for 21-plus. (202) 588-1880.