Cello/guitar/electronics duo Janel & Anthony made one of D.C.’s better albums in recent memory: last year’s alluring, largely instrumental Where Is Home, which became a hit of sorts for experimental music label Cuneiform. Their follow-up will focus more on vocal works, says cellist Janel Leppin, and some of those pieces will be incorporated into the duo’s early-evening performance at the BioWall, a public outdoor space that’s integrated with biotech company United Therapeutics’ new campus in Silver Spring. It’s not just another plaza. There’s a 16-by-9-foot video screen and lots of curvy architecture—i.e. a perfectly interesting setting for Janel & Anthony, who show a lot of intuition for how audiences perceive stories within a piece of music. It’s cool, too, that there will be a lot of daylight for the show; experimental music is so often boxed-in by whatever dark space will take it.

Janel & Anthony perform at 6 p.m. at United Therapeutics’ BioWall Plaza, 1040 Spring St., Silver Spring. Free. (301) 589-8894. cuneiformrecords.com.