With its Hothouse Happy Hour series, the arts nonprofit Washington Project for the Arts has been looking for ways to spice up the after-work hours. Its latest initiative: this week’s art bingo night. If a normal bingo game requires no skill except good hearing and a solid attention span, this game will reward those well-versed in contemporary art and art history. Instead of numbers, players match pictures by Georgia O’Keeffe or Van Gogh to names and titles on their bingo cards. WPA hosts the game in the Capitol Skyline Hotel Lounge, where players can purchase discounted drinks. Its most adventurous component may be apple-bobbing bingo, where you bob for marked apples, then call out the letter and number combination. The event begins at 6 p.m. at the Capitol Skyline Hotel Lounge, 10 I St. SW. $1 per bingo card. (202) 234-7103. wpadc.org.