There’s still time to nominate local icons for Best of D.C.

A South Carolina native who cut his teeth in D.C.’s comedy scene in the middle of the last decade, Rory Scovel specializes in pushing the limits of a gag’s logical expiration. He starts his 2011 album Dilation by thanking the audience for their applause for a good 90 seconds after they’ve stopped clapping. In recent performances, he’s told jokes while climbing scaffolding and affected a German accent that he retains even after finishing the joke where the accent is applicable. His ability to improvise has made him unpredictable, but in the middle of all the silliness, Scovel will insert moments of shockingly brilliant insight. A lot of pieces can replace the thimble in a Monopoly game! Step Up 3D isn’t terribly relatable if you’re sober!