There’s still time to nominate local icons for Best of D.C.

Energized by Charles Stephenson and Kip Lornell’s book The Beat: Go-Go’s Fusion of Funk and Hip-Hop, community organizer and theater director Jessica Solomon persuaded SpeakeasyDC Artistic Executive Director Amy Saidman to collaborate on a program that conveys the vitality of D.C.’s homegrown genre. This weekend, look for “Crank & Groove: A Go-Go Love Story” to provide tales from’s Kato Hammond, photos from poet and go-go photographer Thomas Sayers-Ellis, hip-hop-inflected narratives from multi-instrumentalist Christylez Bacon, and words from go-go author Natalie Hopkinson, Poemcees rapper Black Picasso, and playwright Nina Mercer. But don’t get too comfortable in your seat: Just as you settle in, Be’la Dona, dance troupe Da Originalz, and DJs Mothershiester and Zombie will unstick you from your seat—and fast.