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Forever undaunted, Taffety Punk is gearing up to present a riot grrrl twist on Shakespeare’s gruesome revenge play about a Roman general versus the Queen of the Goths, and the heap of atrocious things they do to each other’s families (including, famously, serving them as food, because yay cannibalism). Considering that one of the play’s only original female characters, as written in the original text, gets brutally raped and has her tongue taken out—remaining a mute, disquieting presence on the stage—it’ll be interesting to see how Taffety’s all-women cast grapples with such a vicious world. One clue: The group’s Twitter feed is full of pictures of the entire cast doing pushups in rehearsal. Take note, womyn: Wednesdays are “Dude’s Night,” which means that if you take a man to the show with you, and he says, “Girls rule” at the door, your ticket’s free. His isn’t. Girls do, indeed, rule.