Playwright Stephen Spotswood’s new thriller, In the Forest, She Grew Fangs, is the spawn of the Twitterverse. Spotswood, Washington Rogues Artistic Director Ryan S. Taylor, and theater artist Karen Lange bit into rumors of a Twilight musical that were flying through the ether. Dibs were called on the “topless werewolves” that would soon be stalking the stage. The outcome of all this irreverent online chatter? Taylor fulfilled a longtime desire to commission and direct a Spotswood play. But Fangs is not all moonstruck teens and bestial lust. Nor, alas, does it feature topless werewolves. Spotswood’s story tackles the serious and timely themes of bullying and emotional violence through the eyes of two high school outcasts, Lucy and Jenny. Anticipate authentic dialogue and the kind of complex roles for young women that have made Spotswood one of D.C.’s most exciting playwrights.