Back home in Niamey, Niger, “trad-moderne” ensemble Tal National brings new meaning to the term “long player”: its performances can last for nearly five hours. The group, which formed in 2000, entertains crowds with layered compositions that combine West African talking-drum beats with guitar fingerwork influenced by Congolese rumba, Tuareg desert blues, and Ghanaian highlife. Led by guitarist Almeida, the large band—which can range from six to 13 musicians—performs original compositions and Afro-folk covers in Zarma, Haossa, and French. Tonight, add an opening set by local bubu-pop creator Janka Nabay, and Artisphere will be bumping as hard as the venues back in Niamey, even if the show doesn’t last quite as long. Tal National performs with Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang and DJ Underdog at 8 p.m. at Artisphere, 1101 Wilson Blvd., Arlington. $15–$18. (703) 875-1100.