Parties and performance art edge ever closer to the singularity with “Lemuria: A Performance Art Party,” hosted by Transformer gallery and the performance art group Animals & Fire at Black Whiskey tonight. For the uninitiated, attending a performance art party is a bit like catching a showcase from a weird music label. The crowd is reverent enough, at least while an artist is doing a set, but most suspect that everyone else is there for the wrong reasons (to Instagram the show and knock back some D.C. Brau). I don’t mean to sound cynical, it’s just that “Lemuria” draws on powerful magic—the name recalls the (hypothetical) lost continent that once allowed the lemurs of Madagascar and the Mascarene Islands to (hypothetically) scamper as far as Sri Lanka and South India without ever setting paw on the African continent (which they do not inhabit). The actual programming for “Lemuria” is more pious: It’s supposed to be an All Souls’ Day tribute in which artists will transform the bar into a temple through works concerned with sacrament, communion, sacrifice, and so on. So who knows? Go ahead, order a Public Ale, set the filters on your iPhone—just cut the chatter when the performance art portion of the party begins. The event begins at 10 p.m. at Black Whiskey, 1410 14th St. NW. $10. (202) 800-8103.