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If you’re under the age of 40 and grew up listening to rock music in D.C., you probably remember WHFS as the sponsor of HFStival, a massive rock show held annually at RFK Stadium featuring sets by mid-’90s icons like Rage Against the Machine, The Offspring, and Soul Asylum. If your parents grew up listening to rock in D.C., they might remember a more progressive, freeform station helmed by DJs like Weasel and Damian Einstein, local icons in their own right. It’s that revered station that’s celebrated in Feast Your Ears, a new documentary-in-progress from executive producer Jay Schlossberg. In order to complete the film, the production team is raising funds with a benefit concert featuring two mainstays on the station during its prime: singer-songwriters Jonathan Edwards and Danny O’Keefe. Best known for his 1971 hit “Sunshine,” Edwards continues to tour the nation performing his folk-pop standards; O’Keefe’s music, including his memorable 1972 song “Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues,” bends a bit more country. Together, they’ll dig up memories of Bethesda’s finest FM station. Jonathan Edwards and Danny O’Keefe perform at 7 p.m. at the Robert E. Parilla Performing Arts Center at Montgomery College, 51 Mannakee St., Rockville. $49.95–$99.50.