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At first glance, 2013 won’t go down in history as one of the most enjoyable years to live in the District of Columbia.

The mayor was still under investigation (though he did, just before the year ended, decide to run for another term). Yet another former member of the D.C. Council was caught in yet another federal probe. Everything got more expensive, and the housing market got tighter and tighter. The daily paper got sold. The baseball team disappointed. (The football team—well, they were entertaining, at least, but for all the wrong reasons.) The federal government cut back, then shut down. (And when it came back, we still didn’t have a vote.)

But with a few months’ distance, maybe things don’t look quite as bad. After all, pot might soon be basically legal. There’s another baby panda. A new theater east of the Anacostia River is thriving, despite regulatory obstacles that could have crushed it. The cabs take credit cards. Even the shutdown, once it finally ended, came with a silver lining: D.C. won’t get trapped the next time Republicans in Congress decide that pointless temper tantrums are preferable to governing. (And even with all those corruption investigations, the city kept running the whole time, anyway.)

Before the year finally slips away, flip through the 2013 edition of our Encyclopedia of D.C., and take a few minutes to remember the good stuff and learn from the bad.

What will the 2014 edition bring? We’ll find out soon enough. Two predictions, though: Those drinks aren’t getting any cheaper. And Rusty’s staying put.