It started in 2011 with the Luther, ChurchKey’s monstrous sandwich consisting of applewood-smoked bacon and a piece of fried chicken, contained by two halves of a brioche doughnut topped with maple jus and pecans. A refined breakfast sandwich that was more than just egg and meat on an English muffin was finally available—and acceptable to eat—at all hours of the day.

In April, when ChurchKey’s owner Neighborhood Restaurant Group opened GBD, its specialty doughnut and fried chicken joint, the Luther became a menu mainstay. Not to be outdone, Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken collaborated with the PhoWheels food truck in late August to create its own breakfast monstrosity: a pork belly banh mi on a savory bacon, cheddar, and chive doughnut. After briefly retiring its breakfast options over the summer, Taylor Gourmet rolled out all-day eggy offerings as well, just in case downtown office workers craved a little more cholesterol during the workweek. But while it’s good to know the option of breakfast for lunch or dinner exists, consider saving the calories: They’re just not as good if you’re not hungover.