Philippa Hughes
Philippa Hughes Credit: Darrow Montgomery

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Starting in 2006, art collector and party planner Philippa Hughes served as a bridge between a certain segment of the arts community and the Unwashed Scenesters, some of whom seemed interested in art primarily for the free wine that’s sloshed around at gallery openings. Hughes’ Pink Line Project was responsible for some of the city’s biggest art soirees, many of them a combination of art party and house party, often in unconventional spaces. But this year, Pink Line wound it down—perhaps for good. In August, Hughes was diagnosed with Stage Zero breast cancer, a discovery that would cause her to question her line of work. “I can’t imagine stress is not a factor,” she said. With Hughes now recouping from her double mastectomy and planning other projects that have nothing to do with event-planning, what’s next for the scene she helped build? Among the few boutiquey art-party planners Hughes laid the foundation for, the crown-snatching has already begun.