Credit: Darrow Montgomery

After a tortuous, years-long battle over the fate of the city’s food trucks, D.C. first new vending regulations in more than 30 years finally took effect this winter. No longer can trucks roam wherever they want. Instead, the city has created “mobile roadway vending zones” in the most popular and congested locations where only a limited number of trucks, chosen through a lottery, can park. Trucks that opt out or don’t get spots in the lottery can still hit the streets as long as they’re in metered spaces at least 200 feet away from the zones. Good news for you: More diversity of trucks near your office. Bad: You might not see your favorite trucks if they’re not assigned nearby. For many truck operators, it’s a blessing not to have to wake up early to secure a spot, feed meters, and deal with parking enforcement. But others aren’t happy to be stuck in places where they might not have a following, or not to be able to pick their locations daily. Mobile vending is now a little less mobile.