Is there an unreleased studio version of the Lungfish song “Armageddon?” They played the song live for a while, with the lyrics changing all the time, but there’s never been an official studio version (or even a bootleg), just rumors that one exists. Also, is there more unreleased Lungfish music that might come out eventually, à la A.C.R. 1999?

If Internet chatter is to be trusted, there are people out there who would happily lie down on railroad tracks and await death if they finally got their hands on a recorded version of “Armageddon.” Serious Lungfish fans (is there such a thing as a casual one?) swear a kind of religious devotion to the Baltimore art-punk band and its shamanlike leader, Daniel Higgs, whose bristling performances of “Armageddon” are captured in videos of Lungfish shows.

But the song may stay confined to the video realm for a while. “There is no successful recording of ‘Armageddon,’” Higgs writes in an email. “Attempts were made… [but] the verse in the song that states ‘A music that is spoiled by recording’ seems to have prevented an accurate studio version.”

There are no plans to put out any unreleased Lungfish material, either, Higgs says. But in the spirit of the Answers Issue, he presents his own inquiry: “My question is how do we lift the atom-splitting greed-boot of cruel perversion off the neck of the people? And the rest of the plants, minerals, and animals?” While you wrestle with that one, turn on The Unanimous Hour; like all Lungfish records, it’s music made for fierce contemplation.