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Where can one find the print version of the City Paper?? Seems like options get more limited each month!

While it’s always gratifying to see readers value what we do enough to worry when they can’t find it, Washington City Paper’s publisher Amy Austin says it shouldn’t actually be any harder to track print copies down. The paper is distributed at 1,393 locations—mostly boxes on the street or racks in businesses—and prints about 70,000 copies each week. Around the holidays, though, we did scale back a little bit, since a lot of readers were out of town, and since some of the office building lobbies where you can usually pick up the paper were closed, it may have seemed like the print City Paper was getting scarce right around when we started soliciting questions for this issue. By now, things should be back to normal. If you ever have trouble finding the paper at your usual spot, though, you can email circulation@washingtoncitypaper.com or send us a tweet to @wcp.