Put a dog on the stage, and it just might steal the show. Sandy upstages everyone in Annie, Toto garners more than his fair share of attention in The Wizard of Oz, and even the chihuahuas in Legally Blonde add a redeeming quality to that schlocky musical. When New York’s Fiasco Theater brings its production of Two Gentlemen of Verona to the Folger, they’ll also bring a canine character described as “the most scene-stealing non-speaking role in the canon” by Shakespeare scholars. Crab, the slobbering companion of the servant Launce, appears only briefly but leaves a memorable impression on audiences who might not be taken with yet another tale of mistaken identity, swapped genders, and separated lovers. And since the Fiasco Theater team is dedicated to infusing each adaptation with humor and joy, expect to leave smiling, not emotionally devastated. The play runs April 17 to May 25 at Folger Elizabethan Theatre, 201 East Capitol St. NW. $30–$72. (202) 544-7077. folger.edu.