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A scan of Frankie Cosmos’ Bandcamp page might lead you to assume the New York City indie-pop singer has a problem editing herself. In just a few years, Greta Kline has uploaded hundreds of four-track-recorded songs on more than 50 releases, first as Ingrid Superstar and, since meeting her boyfriend and musical partner Aaron Maine, as Frankie Cosmos. But at around 17 minutes, Zentropy, her first studio-made “full-length,” is a miracle of concise songwriting and wry observations in the K Records vein. Like some of the best lo-fi pop of the Pacific Northwest, Frankie Cosmos’ songs throw together irony, romance, and a little bit of self-mythologizing. Kline is Frankie, Maine is Ronnie, and on her songs and his (sometimes as Porches), they exchange harmonies and adolescent come-ons in a kind of discursive musical courtship. The best thing on Zentropy is “Buses Splash With Rain,” a song whose protagonist is still figuring her shit out but whose arrangement—smartly stop-and-start, tight yet reverby—knows exactly what it’s doing. “I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t care,” Kline sings. Thankfully, that’s just not the case. Frankie Cosmos performs with Aaron Maine, Spoonboy, Foozle, and Two Inch Astronaut at 7:30 p.m. at CD Cellar, 2607 Wilson Blvd., Arlington. $5–$10. (703) 248-0635. cdcellarva.com.