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In the relationship between a parent and an adult child, guilt can cut both ways. Lovely Louise initially plays like a comedy about old biddy Louise and her son, Andre, a mama’s boy who never left the nest. He drives a cab, but his real boss is his mother. Andre takes her swimming and to lunch, makes snacks for her poker games, and tucks her in at night. But Louise isn’t helpless: She always dresses to the nines and even performs in local theater, having spent time in Hollywood on her way to becoming “the next Greta Garbo.” But that had meant leaving young Andre behind, which she couldn’t live with. So who feels worse about that fork in the road? A twist complicates the family dynamics further, and the film dials down the laughs to become a melancholy look at self-deception, missed opportunities, the risk of blind trust, and summoning the courage to change.