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On Golden Pond proved that old people still have sex, then Cocoon proved they can still have fun (and have sex!). Now Israel has given our elders Hunting Elephants to prove they can still rob banks. Like Ocean’s Eleven with Oedipal anxiety and the sexual politics of British Mandate-era Palestine, Hunting Elephants starts with teenage Yonatan’s father dying on the job as a bank’s security chief. A grieving Yonatan teams up with his elderly grandfather, a former pro-independence bank robber, to pull one last score on the bank’s manager—who is, not coincidentally, sleeping with Yonatan’s mother. For some comic relief, Patrick Stewart shows up as an anti-Semitic fortune-hunter. The film’s happy ending has Western Wall-sized plot holes, the biggest of which is that the Israeli police prove remarkably nonchalant about armed robbers, provided they’re septuagenarians. Beware tonal shifts, too—Hunting Elephants alternately treats its coma patients with reverence and as fakers pulling off the greatest heist of all.