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This 2006 German film takes food porn to a whole new level. The story centers around Gregor, a “cooking eroticist,” who runs a revered three-table restaurant where people literally stand up and applaud at the end of the meal. Infatuated with his mother’s big belly when she was pregnant with his sister, Gregor strived for a round waistline of his own. His mother was also a waitress, and Gregor has something of a waitress fetish, sitting in cafes and watching the female servers. That’s what leads to his encounter with married waitress Eden. One day, Gregor bakes a cake with little chocolates on top for Eden’s disabled daughter. The daughter eats it so ravenously that it ultimately ends up on the floor, but Eden sneaks a bite of one of the chocolates and becomes obsessed. She fantasizes about having sex with her husband while eating one—a “double orgasm.” Like a junkie desperate for a fix, she shows up in Gregor’s kitchen one night and asks for more. That begins a series of secret rendezvous, where Gregor cooks for Eden while her husband is off hitting the strip clubs with his buddies. The food ultimately spices up Eden’s sex life with her husband, and she even credits it when she’s finally able to become pregnant again. But the husband is consumed by jealousy when he finds out about her meals with the fat chef. Eden and Gregor never have a physical relationship. Instead, food seems to be a strange sort of substitute for sex—but not always in the most appetizing way.